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“Mother Trinidad
de la Santa Madre Iglesia and her Work of the Church”
"Light in the night -
The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom"
 St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican (Rome)
     Mother Trinidad also knew about the Gethsemane of the Church. She saw Her heartbroken and dressed in mourning in the night of Her prostration. God Himself became in her soul an urgent clamour requesting help for the Church. She then undertook to gather for Her a legion of souls.

    This surprising woman bears seared in her spirit that the life of the Church in all Her truth, richness, depth and magnificence is for everybody, and it ought to be manifested and communicated to everybody. For that reason, the legion of souls that she found to help the Church encompasses, like Her, all kinds of persons: Priests and lay people, men and women consecrated to God with their three vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, and married couples, youth, teenagers and children.

    This fount of divine wisdom is springing up torrentially in the almost 700 talks and more than 300 videos, where she hands on with fire and expressiveness her testimony, as well as in her numerous writings. All of this constitutes the spiritual and doctrinal wealth necessary to carry out the transcendental mission of The Work of the Church.
Biography of the foundress of The Work of the Church