Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
founded The Work of the Church
A jubilant voice that sings God’s greatness to us in His infinite transcendence.
A call inviting us to that eternal Home of Divine Family that God is Himself for all His children.
A fire which inflames us in His love and submerges us in His life.
A spring of loving wisdom that makes us discover and taste,  live and imbue ourselves with the wonderful realities that God has accomplished in us on having made us Catholic and Apostolic Church  under the See of Peter.
An excruciating cry to help to the Church prostrate in Gethsemane.
  to present…
the true face of the Holy Mother Church, as the New, Eternal and Heavenly Jerusalem, in the world;
to show…
the Church with all Her beauty in the sight of Her children;
to live…
so profoundly the deep and eternal mystery of the Church, so as to unravel Her richness;
  to revive…
the dogma amongst the members of the Church;
to give…
the Theology warmed up in love to all of God’s children;
to help…
the Pope and the Bishops to accomplish the work that Christ entrusted to them;
  to be…
Church and to make everybody be Church.


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“Mother Trinidad
de la Santa Madre Iglesia and her Work of the Church”
"Light in the night -
The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom"
The Foundress of The Work of the Church