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“Mother Trinidad
de la Santa Madre Iglesia and her Work of the Church”
"Light in the night -
The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom"
     “The purpose of The Work of the Church is to live so deeply the mystery of the Church, so as to unravel the richness of this Holy Mother, and, being a living witness, by life and words, to present the Church with all Her beauty in the sight of all men, so that, on looking at Her, they may see the face of God in Her and fill themselves over with the abundance of Her life.

     The Work of the Church will accomplish this through its being at the side of the Pope and the Bishops, collaborating with the sacred Shepherds, helping them to carry out the essential work of the Church, which is to enable us to know and participate abundantly in Her richness, that is, above all, the Father and the Holy Spirit with Christ and Mary, dwelling in Her.”

     On December 20th, 1997, Pope John Paul II stamped his seal upon The Work of the Church granting the Approval of Pontifical Right, and recognizing it as an ecclesial institution consisting of three Branches of consecrated life: priestly, lay masculine and lay feminine, around which the other Branches of Adherents, Militants and Co-operators are organized.

     Furthermore, around The Work of the Church the “Ecclesial Family” has been constituted, made up of a great number of Bishops, as Qualified members, and Priests as well, and thousands of souls of every class and condition –including Religious men and women, and members of secular Institutes, apostolic Movements, pious Associations, etc.–, scattered throughout the world. These are the Sympathizers Co-operators, who, imbued with the spirit of The Work, united with its members, help it in its mission.
Mother Trinidad receives deeply moved the blessing of the Holy Father John Paul II, who wanted to visit her while she was ill in her own room (December 15, 1996).
The Work of the Church
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