Mother Trinidad was born in Dos Hermanas (Seville) on February 10th, 1929. She is an extremely straightforward, natural, open person. She proceeds from the people, lives in their midst and is the bearer of their best qualities. Lacking what men consider wealth, greatness and science, she feels “small, poor and helpless”, “the smallest among the little ones on earth”. And because it was God’s gracious will, He has willed to accomplish through her a surprising plan of donation to His Church.
Saint John Paul II
in a private audience with the foundress
of The Work of the Church
«The purpose of The Work of the Church is to live so deeply the mystery of the Church, so as to unravel the richness of this Holy Mother, and, being a living witness, by life and words, to present the Church with all Her beauty in the sight of all men, so that, on looking at Her, they may see the face of God in Her and fill themselves over with the abundance of Her life.»
Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
Foundress of The Work of the Church
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« Who are the ones who go more safely along the way to the Kingdom of Heavens? Those who do not seek anything other than God and, when reaching their term, all they had has been left in order to meet Him. Therefore the one who has nothing walks more agile and, at his term, has nothing to leave, only to possess. (14-9-74) »

               Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
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“Mother Trinidad
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